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What are congenital vaginal obstructions?

Female infants are normally born with a thin membrane (hymen) that surrounds the vaginal opening. In rare instances, a congenital vaginal blockage occurs that results in the absence of an external vaginal opening. The most common reason for this medical abnormality is an imperforate hymen—a layer of connective tissue that forms the hymen has no opening and thus the vaginal opening remains covered. Less commonly, obstruction is due to a high transverse septum. A high transverse septum is usually due to incomplete canalization of the vagina during development.

Either of these can result in hydrocolpos, an abnormal swelling of the vagina, or hydrometrocolpos, abnormal swelling of both the vagina and uterus.

How are congenital vaginal obstructions diagnosed?

Congenital vaginal obstructions are typically diagnosed in a newborn. Usually the physician finds an abdominal swelling, which is the vagina filled by secretions from the cervical glands in response to the mother's hormones. Typically, an ultrasound will confirm the lump. Additionally, a needle may be inserted into the mass to inject dye for an X-ray examination or to withdraw fluids for analysis.

If no abdominal lump or urinary symptoms are present, this condition may not be identified until puberty. At that time, the girl will fail to pass blood during her period, despite regular ovulation. She may also experience cyclical abdominal pain as well as a lump created by a buildup of menstrual blood behind the blockage.


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