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What are urogenital sinus anomalies?

A urogenital sinus anomaly is a defect present at birth in which the vagina and urethra open into a common channel, rather than separately. There are two general types of urogenital sinus anomalies. In a low confluence urogenital sinus anomaly, the common channel is short, the urethral opening is close to its normal location and the vagina is almost normal in length. In a high confluence urogenital sinus anomaly, the common channel is long, the urethral opening is internal and the vagina is quite short. This type is sometimes associated with an anus that is located too far forward.

How are urogenital sinus anomalies diagnosed?

Urogenital sinus malformations are usually diagnosed during infancy by physical examination. If a urogenital sinus defect is suspect in an infant, an examination called a genitogram will be performed. To do a retrograde genitogram, contrast dye will be injected into the common opening. An X-ray will then be taken which will permit the doctors to determine the length of the common channel and the spatial relationship between the urethra and the vagina. This information will allow the urologist to determine the type of urogenital sinus anomaly and implement the appropriate treatment.

If a retrograde genitogram is inadequate, endoscopy may be done. In endoscopy, a fiber-optic camera is inserted into the common channel, which will allow the anatomy to be seen and identified. Other tests used under special situations include an ultrasound and MRI.


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