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What is vaginal agenesis?

Vaginal agenesis is a congenital disorder of the reproductive system affecting one in 5,000 females. It occurs when the vagina, the muscular canal connecting the cervix of the uterus to the vulva, stops developing because the vaginal plate fails to form the channel.

Some patients may have a shorter vagina, a remnant of one or lack of one all together (Mayer-von Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser's syndrome). With vaginal agenesis, it is not uncommon to have other malformations in the reproductive tract, such as an absent or small uterus.

In addition, 30 percent of patients with vaginal agenesis will have kidney abnormalities, the most common of which is the absence of one kidney or the dislocation of one or both organs. The two kidneys may also be fused together, forming a horseshoe-like shape. Approximately 12 percent of patients also have skeletal abnormalities, with two-thirds of this group experiencing problems affecting the spine, ribs or limbs.

How is vaginal agenesis diagnosed?

Because external genitalia appear normal, vaginal agenesis is typically not diagnosed until puberty (around age 15), when a young girl notices that she has not had her menstrual period and seeks medical attention. The diagnosis is made by physical examination and diagnostic imaging. They may include an ultrasound to check if the uterus and ovaries are both present and entirely intact. The patient may even be asked to undergo a MRI that will show a more detailed picture of her reproductive tract.

While most vaginal agenesis sufferers are not aware of their condition until their teen years, a subgroup of these patients will be diagnosed during infancy. In this case, the abnormality is usually detected during an examination or test for unrelated problems.


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